Legislation concerning cookies

A new Legislation on electronic communications (Uradni list št. 109/2012; v nadaljevanju ZEKom-1), that came into effect in 2013, brought new rules regarding the use of cookies and related technologies in regard to the access and storage of information on users' computers and mobile devices. The legislation was to be implemented by 15th of June 2013.

What is a 'cookie'

A cookie is a short string composed of digits and letters that is stored on computer or mobile device of a user, who visits cookie-powered web page. Existence of cookies enable web page maintainers and developers to recognize returning users and (when applicable) modify content of the page to better suit users' preferences and needs. One such example is a shopping cart - without cookies, the shopping cart would reset every time the web page is reloaded. Cookies are not viruses, do not reproduce and are generally not harmful.

Privacy and cookies

On the other hand, cookies can also be used to analyze web page traffic, execute various marketing activities as well as track and profile users. Such activities often take place without users' knowledge and may thereby be considered an infringement on users' privacy. For this reason the above mentioned legislation limits the use of cookies. Cookies may be used as long as users are aware of their purpose and have the ability to disable them if they so choose.

In the next section (bellow) you can read more about cookies that we use on our web pages. We separate cookies into several categories that may be enabled or disable according to users' preferences. Essential cookies however can not be disabled as they are needed in for the page to work as intended. By using this web site, you explicitly agree to the use of essential cookies.

Cookies and categories

Essential cookies

Those cookies are enabled by default because they are absolutely necessary for the portal to operate as designed. Without those cookies it would not be possible for instance, to book a room or reserve an experience.

Analytics cookies

In order to improve the content of our portal we are using tools that help us understand browsing habits of our user. Such tool use cookies in order to gather anonymous information about page views and navigation. By allowing us to gather such information (enable the use of analytics cookies) you can help us improve our portal.

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