Nature of the Strunjan


Start Location: Strunjan 33, 6320 Portorose • Show on the map


4 hours


Strunjan offers beautiful views of the sparkling Adriatic Sea with crystal clear water and magnificent cliffs. Strunjan Nature Reserve is a lush paradise of olive groves, vineyards, and flowers, where the wind will tickle us with the sweet fragrance of the Mediterranean. We will explore the hidden bays and beaches of the Strunjan coast, where the warm sun and waves invite you to surrender to the beauty of nature. We'll also try our hand in the kitchen, in a cooking workshop where we'll learn how to make homemade pasta. Depending on whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer or simply looking for a moment of peace, the beautiful Strunjan nature will surely captivate and inspire you.

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Strunjan, charming nature that enchants. We head across the Strunjan salt pans, the northernmost on the Adriatic Sea, and visit the saltworks house, where we get to know the saltworks accessories and interpret the interactive exhibition of the Strunjan Landscape Park. We walk between the beach and Stjuža, the only sea lagoon in Slovenia, and climb above the Krka health resort. We are accompanied by a view of the sea and of the city of Piran. The footpath runs along the edge of one of the highest cliffs in the Adriatic Sea. Then we follow the information boards to the Strunjan cross with a view of Moon Bay, the most beautiful beach on the Slovenian coast. The panoramic view extends all the way to Triglav. A short break at the energy points at the cross, a coffee break in a nearby bar or a visit to the Church of the Vision of St. Mary and the monastery, the most important pilgrimage point in Slovenian Istria.

The next ascent rewards us with a view towards the Strunjan valley and higher up to Izola. When you reach the top of Ronek, you can enjoy the view towards Piran and a little lower the view of Strunjan with all the sights.

At this vantage point, we are received by a local guide Mladen from Strunjan, who takes us along hidden paths of his olive groves to his homestead. We experience the highlight of our day at the Knez farm, where we join a cooking workshop of homemade "fuži" and learn the preparation procedures. We don't eat our products, we just judge them, and whoever is the most creative will win a special prize, a free visit to the experience of their choice. Istrian pasta "fuži" with truffles is served by the housewife Mirjana with a glass of wine when the story of truffles is presented and we find out how they ended up on our table. Truffles are usually sought after by trained dogs. We return to the start point while admiring the mighty pine alley.

Start location: Strunjan 33, 6320 Portorose • Show on the map

Bus station Strunjan at 10:00

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Maximum number of participants


Difficulty level

Easy (Most guests can participate)

Additional information

For the experience, bring hiking equipment and footwear suitable for the weather conditions. Bring additional water with you.

What is included:
  • Guiding
  • Photos
  • Tasting menu
  • local guiding and the organization of the experience,
  • animation and exploring nature with all senses,
  • pleasant atmosphere enriched with the company of other trekkers,
  • getting to know the green surroundings,
  • stories of sustainable tourism,
  • use of hiking sticks,
  • the tasting: Istrian pasta - fuži with truffles, 2 dl of wine
What is not included:
  • Purchase additional drinks