Secrets of Seča and salt pans


Start Location: Obala 114, 6320 Portorose • Show on the map


4 hours


Be inspired by the stunning stone sculptures and coastal landscape at Forma Viva. We will go through a garden of cacti which you probably didn't know about. We will discover the past of the salt pan, where we will turn back time and test ourselves in the role of a salt pan worker. We will embark on a journey of discovering the liquid gold of Slovenian Istria, with heritage forged into the ground. We will not forget to indulge in the Slovenian culinary heritage with extra virgin olive oil.

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The usually lively path along the Portorož marina across the Lucija camp takes us to the Cape Seča. We visit the private exhibition "Grašič" with more than 1600 cacti.

The stairs lead us to Forma Viva, where we admire an international exhibition of outdoor stone sculptures. We take a short break in the pleasant park.

We feel serenity, a view of Portorož from the other side, a fairy tale called the salt pans, a unique "bridgehead" of the canal of St. Jernej with old wooden vessels. We retreat to a different world and embrace the green piece of Portorož, the Seča peninsula, with views of the sea and salt pans.

When we reach the "top" of Seča, an interesting animation awaits us: salt worker for one day, where we test ourselves as a team in saltworks. We put on a salt hat and salt shoes, so called "taperine". We also draw a prize for the next experience.

The next stop is at Gramona Farm, where we listen to the host Nina, who vividly presents the story of the farm. We learn about the processes of harvesting and preparing liquid gold. At the guided olive oiltasting we pamper ourselves with flavored olive oils with orange and lemon. There is also offered bread with homemade olive spread. The bread is soaked in home-made olive oil, along with pickled olives, mozzarella and tomatoes, and a glass of good wine. Occasional accompanying activities are olive picking or observation of olive pruning.

Start location: Obala 114, 6320 Portorose • Show on the map

TPC Lucija at 10:00

Minimum number of participants


Maximum number of participants


Difficulty level

Easy (Most guests can participate)

Additional information

For the experience bring hiking equipment and footwear suitable for the weather conditions. Bring additional water with you.

What is included:
  • Guiding
  • Photos
  • Tasting menu
  • local guiding and the organization of the experience,
  • animation and exploring nature with all senses
  • pleasant atmosphere enriched with the company of other trekkers
  • getting to know the green surroundings,
  • stories of sustainable tourism,
  • use of hiking sticks,
  • the tasting: flavored olive oil, pickled olives, olive spread, mozzarella, tomatoes, 2 dl wine.
What is not included:
  • Purchase additional drinks